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D3 2000iu (Vegan Friendly)
Blú Nutrition

D3 2000iu (Vegan Friendly)

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VItamin D3 is one of the most researched and proven of all the vitamins and minerals on todays markets. 

It is also one of the 24 micronutrients critical for human survival! Whilst we can synthesis Vitamin D3 from sunlight and also top it up with food sources like eggs and fish, in the majority of cases people would not have optimal levels on receiving their totals via a blood test. 

We wanted to make a Vitamin D3 suitable to everyone so we made ours plant based to suit our ethos of sustainability and of course vegetarians and vegans. With each serving providing 2000iu we wanted to make this cost effective and a minimum 2 months supply. 

Vitamin D3 Benefits:

- Boosts Immunity
- Helps alleviate both depression & anxiety
- Improves markers in strength & fat loss
- Helps boost weight loss

Whilst Vitamin D3 has many other benefits we recommend you check out all the research proven data here: https://examine.com/supplements/vitamin-d/