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Blú Nutrition was conceived to raise the standards in the sports supplements industry and provide a superior solution to what was available to athletes.

Backed by science, the brand is founded upon the principles of innovation, quality and results. If we can't design something that can improve you, then we don't create it - simple.

In order to meet these standards, all our formulas are manufactured in both an FDA & GMP-approved facility, adhering to the strictest manufacturing processes possible. This is reflected by the fact that many of our formulas are WADA compliant - drug-free and safe for all athletes, and in some instances are third-party tested in LGC Laboratories to prove what we say is in the product, is in the product.

In an arena of copy-cat formulations looking to make a quick buck, Blú Nutrition aims to capture a different market: the highly-educated consumer, concerned with quality and ethical dosing of products backed by science, rather than marketing hype and gimmicks.

The pinnacle of premium sports nutrition has arrived with Blú Nutrition. We've gone the extra mile where others have faltered to deliver what the market truly needs.